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Eddie Fluellen. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, he is a recording artist, writer, and producer whose musical versatility knows no limits and now Host/Producer. He began his musical journey at eight years old with lessons in classical piano. By 16, he became proficient on trombone. At 20, he helped co-found what would become Motown Records' gold and platinum selling recording artist, SWITCH. Eddie has spent his time performing and touring with numerous acts, becoming music director for a number of them. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Eddie continues his musical endeavors by performing, directing, accompanying, writing, arranging and producing in a variety of musical genres. He also teaches piano and trombone, mentoring the future generation of musicians. While still being called upon by many local and national acts, Eddie Fluellen has an eye to the future in the music industry.



Eddie Fluellen is a podcast host/producer, recording artist, writer, and producer whose musical versatility knows no limits and he loves a great interview.

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